Sunday, March 08, 2009


Grazed by a Bullet

How many times have you heard this on the news or whatever, "So and so was grazed by a bullet." I don't know, to me, this shouldn't happen as often as it does. You should either be shot, or missed entirely. My personal experience with guns is limited (though I'd like to note that the first time I fired a gun, I hit my target perfectly), so I'm not an expert on this by any means. What I do have experience with however is water-guns. When I was younger I used to take part in block-wide water-gun fights frequently. My get-up was great, I had two on a holster I wore around my waist, a big powerful gun strapped to my back (for emergencies) and a double barreled gun as my primary weapon. These skirmishes wouldn't last too long, however, because after a little while people would be utterly soaked and water would literally bounce off of an individual. Point is, there was no "grazing" of water going on here. Admittedly it's not an accurate comparison because water will just soak into an object, thus giving the appearance of a full on "hit" when you could theoretically have been "grazed". I mean what's next, are we going to hear about instances when an individual is grazed by a grenade or bomb? Though, I guess in those cases it doesn't matter if you're hit with the actual object; you would just hope to be grazed by the explosion.
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