Sunday, October 05, 2008


When high school lunch got awesome

I was watching a local newscast lately and they were running the school lunch menu's. One of them said for a main meal, "Not Fried Rice". Take a moment to take that in. I don't know if that was a typo and supposed to say "Hot Fried Rice" or something, but if it wasn't, that school left things wide open. I mean they could have hamburgers for all we know, because, after all, that is not fried rice. As long as it isn't fried rice, that description is accurate. Also, a school just had nachos for lunch, which is pretty awesome. I remember when I was in school they started serving nachos and cheese for lunch. It was like the guy in charge momentarily forgot what he was doing and let this slide. I recall one day everyone was enjoying their nachos and cheese for lunch, and this kid named Brett was overheard saying, "I'm pretty sure this isn't a healthy lunch". Well the student body had to make sure this didn't get out; someone yelled, "GET HIM!!!" and everyone bum-rushed Brett like zombies to fresh brains. I don't know what happened to Brett at the bottom of that pile, but I never saw him again. We continued having nachos for lunch and they never tasted better. Or should I say, they never tasted Bretter.
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