Monday, September 22, 2008


A short tale of irony

I was driving to a friends house one day and going past the prison in Enfield. I was also listening to Queen's "I want to break free". For those that don't know those are the lyrics. Freddy Mercury sings, as only he can, "I want to break free...". As these lyrics played, I looked at the prison I thought, "how ironic". When I arrived at my friend's house I told the story, to which some other idiot who was there said, "Yeah, it's like when I drive by there, I just yell, 'hey, I'm free'". What!? No! That's exactly what I said. Has that ever happened where you tell a joke or a funny story and some idiot feels they have to one up you right away and ends up telling the exact same joke or story. I have this pet peeve about people stealing my material, and idiots, so this was a double whammy. When it comes to double whammy's I just start swinging, and this time was no different. I just started hitting this guy with my hand, which was in a fist. And, here's where the irony comes into play, I spent time at that jail in the beginning of the story for it. Irony ladies and gentlemen. At least I think that's irony.
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